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Gold and Silver

are being so corrupted right now, they 'are' eventually going to shoot through the roof. The Banksters are using the 'paper' markets to drive the spot prices down, because as long as 'fools' don't take possession of their metals, they can continue to manipulate the prices with this 'ponzi paper scam'. The prices should be based on supply and demand, but this scheme has been able to undermine the free market system. Now is the time to be buying, that's if you are able to even get any type of quantity, because most brokers are short on supply and you will have to basically put in backorders and wait for them to locate the metals for your desired purchase. I think the Ruskys and the Chicoms are soon going to call the Banksters bluff, since, they have been purchasing all they are able to, and if they expose the scam, they will double if not triple their profits.