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To be fair...

Shiff, and all of these other economists, are very pragmatic.

They see "cause" and they recognize the "effect" that these causes will have. It is from within a very structured definition that these brilliant men work.

Because America CONTINUES to print fiat money and RULE the globe with imperialistic impunity (impunity = immunity from detrimental effects) that doesn't mean these strategists are wrong.

It ONLY means that when the other shoe falls it will be to the great detriment of us all on a massive scale. Where will you, pil45, be then?

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and say, "Wait a minute, what is real?"

Fiat money is worthless and becoming MORE worthless every day. Witness, QE Infinity. Gold and silver paper are being manipulated on a monumental scale. That is proven.

Hard assets will always be tangible.

Now, make your choices and live with them.

I don't care what YOU do. Just leave me alone to make my own mistakes or successes.

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