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I feel that the evidence is

I feel that the evidence is that the Panic of 2008 was the first of the death gasps of the Western Banking Cabal is becoming increasingly clear. The reason I say that is because of the response to the banking/finance crisis, the decision to let Lehman Brothers (one of the founding members of the Federal Reserve System) go belly up was an indicator that they were willing to sacrifice one of their own for the greater good. The evidence is in the solutions that were provided to the banking industry and the effect of those solutions.

While the solutions patched up the crippled banking industry it actually did far more damage then appears on the surface, not only to the entire Western economic and monetary system, but to the very industry it was intended to save. The first real bulwark against the Western Banking Cabal came when Iceland tossed out the bankers, rejected the solutions for their country and showed the world that it could be done. That has served as a beacon call to other nations that it is possible to resist without major consequences.

Therefore, I dare say that the Banksters not only don't have the stomach for a manufactured crash or crisis, but that the fear the possibility that their power would be drastically reduced by such a crash or crisis. The fact is that we are witnessing the most fragile stance with the banking industry in history today, even JP Morgan and Chase are in deep trouble, not to mention Goldman Sacks, through they still have power thanks to their multi-trillion dollar paper Ponzi-Schemes, their power to influence is diminished. Eventually, the political tide will turn by necessity against them. The “too-big-to-fail” designation will fail to protect them in the next crisis/crash.

There will be, as we are already seeing, such losses in the Big Banks, devastating their balance sheets that no amount of the printing of paper money could cover or protect them from destruction or the anger of a growing dissatisfaction and mistrust among the population. There is a very real possibility that under another banking crisis, that if the government once again sought to save the banking industry by bailing them out with printing even more trillions of paper , that it would result in an almost instant hyper-inflationary event that would cause the people not only to lose what little confidence remains in this government, but they would lose all confidence in the fiat paper and reject it as a medium of exchange. We tend to think that could not happen, but it can and when it does it happens extremely quickly.

I happen to think that the Panic of 2008 was just the first stage of an overall collapse and that if there was collusion to create that panic, it most certainly back-fired. While it provided an opportunity for consolidation within the banking cabal, it did not achieve the goal of increasing their power, it weakened it through the destruction of capital upon which this entire debt-based economy is built. The system is so vast, so incredibly complex at this point, that there can be no absolute control as is sometimes attributed to the banking cabal. With such complexity there are extreme weak links that have become evident, one such is the Global Supply Chain, it is so weak in fact that another crisis could easily collapse the Global Supply Chain, when that happens nothing can repair it no matter the power or influence. Additionally, once it is down, the entirety of society will be reverted back centuries, nothing will move either domestically or internationally, no oil, no food, no resources, no goods...everything shuts down. We will then have little more than a barter economy that is highly localized, that is after the chaos.

The reputation of the banking cabal has been so damaged, that even a growing political distrust has been evolving. What we are seeing, not only in the U.S., but also in the EURO, are actions that mirror what took place just prior the the collapse of Lehman Brothers, but this time it is on a much larger scale. European bankers and the criminal politicians in the EU are in panic mode, that is evident by their actions to not only desperately seek some type of solution, but also in the actions they are not taking. It also becomes evident by what they are promoting and how they are promoting the propaganda that the problems have been or are being solved. Similar to the propaganda that comes out of D.C., it has been pervasive, there has been an attempt to systematically indoctrinate the public into feeling that “all's well”, they are in control, but under the surface, there is evidence that it is nothing more than yet another “Big Lie”, that they are doing little but buying time and trying to hide their real crimes from the populations of the world.

There will come a point, and I think we are almost that, that even the Sheeple will begin to wake up and question what they thought was a sound foundation. It is already occurring, people that have never questioned this government now are questioning, that is the first step to a widening awakening. They are becoming aware that the United States is bankrupt and that this government is only delaying the massive default by manipulating Treasuries to minimize interest payments on the largest debt in history.

The FED has been secretly printing (digital manipulation) U.S. Dollars in order to buy up the majority of U.S. Treasuries; the reason is that if it did not, there would be an almost instant implosion of the Treasury market. The EU Central bank is following suit, doing exactly the same thing to delay the inevitable. It is working, but only for a while. They are in panic mode, it is very evident by the actions they are taking. Their crimes will find them out, the scheme has gotten so large, their crime so intense that it can no longer be concealed, the effects of their crime can no longer be repaired. They will be hunted down and their heads placed on pikes by the time it is all said and done.

The entire system, including the military industrial complex, is totally dependent on the ability of this system to continue, as it collapses, it will not matter one iota what type of weapons systems they have, it will be of no avail to prevent the collapse or the effects of the collapse. They will have no power.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun