Comment: How can anyone ,with average intellegence, read

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How can anyone ,with average intellegence, read

this and keep a straight face? Has anyone that believes this propaganda really done any research about our Monetary system and economy? What really caused the 2008 crash?

I think all assets the banks are sitting on are just paper backed up with more paper. Nothing has changed from 2008 crash, and 2008 was just a little pop before the mother of all booms happens. This time they have burned through any leverage they had in 2008. I doubt more printing of funny money would change much if a crash of our markets happen.

If money printing by the FED would have actually change anything we should have a high flying economy by now. Most have lost their high paying jobs and are either on welfare or taken low paying jobs. We are losing the middle class, so no help from them for a economic recovery.

What really will happen when Obamacare kicks in full steam in 2014? 15 million are losing their health care and have to sign up for less coverage and higher premiums. Then you have the young that usually don't buy heath insurance forced to buy. Does anyone think this is not going to effect the economy? Americans are going to lose their purchasing power in 2014. What will happen to all these companies that rely on everyday purchasing? Obamacare is just a new scheme dreamed up by the 1% to get more of our money. Because taxes and interest isn't enough to prop up this monster top heavy ponzi scheme we have as a banking system.

I think there is way too much uncertainty for myself not holding precious metals. What happened in 2008 when the stock market turned down? Many could even sell their stocks fast enough.

So have a nice laugh at the gold and silver stackers, because when the crapola really hits the fan, no one will be laughing then.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed