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Exactly right!

But it's the other way around. The driver already took aggressive action against the cops when he rammed his truck in to them, and took aggressive action when he carelessly, recklessly, and needlessly drove through that intersection without any disregard for other motorists, or any pedestrians crossing the street. Should I also mention that there could have been children playing in the street and this "victim" wouldn't have cared??? ALL he cared about was evading police AT ANY COST, even if it meant taking innocent lives with him.

When you add all of that to a 3 TON VEHICLE, you are now looked at by the police and courts as a "danger with a deadly weapon", and that threat needs to be STOPPED. Once the vehicle was immobilized, the cops are supposed to demand that the suspect show his hands in order to make sure the driver doesn't have a firearm at the ready to kill them. "Afraid for his life" goes BOTH WAYS. After the way the driver had previously behaved, I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly what occurred and the driver refused to cooperate by showing his hands. How are the police to know that the driver isn't already armed and prepared to shoot it out. From the camera angle, we can't even tell if the driver raised a weapon at the police or not, yet everyone here is ready to judge. That's right; Warped thinking - Warped minds.

Tell me something; Would any SANE person whose only "crime" was that he "borrowed" his dad's truck behave in such a manner and go through ALL THAT just to evade the police??? There's a very good chance that there is more to this story and that he was already "wanted". Regardless of the reason, it gives him no right to do what he did by putting others in danger.