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Comment: You are misinterpreting the events.

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You are misinterpreting the events.

1. The 2008 financial crisis was planned and executed with great glee and success by the bankers! It was the greatest theft and transfer of wealth in the history of mankind and not a single banking executive went to jail.

2. Since the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, the shadow bankers have had their way with the American public and the world by executing the Project for New American Century.

3. In 1996 the took control of the media with the "Telecommunicationations Act".

4. In 1999 they passed Graham, Leach Bliley which repealed Glass Stegall and allowed commercial banks to merge with investment banks.

5. In 2001 they pulled off the New Pearl Harbor with 911. This of course paved the way for the US taxpayers to fund the military to invade and take control of the natural resources around the world.

6. 2008 they duped the American people into funding the bailout.

7. They are now executing quantitative easing which is transferring the remaining illegal toxic debt to the taxpayers.

8. The now have control of the Federal Government including foreign policy, the elections, the presidency and the Supreme Court.

9. They are unleashing drone warfare and illegal wars with impunity to take over every country they choose.

Add it all up and smell the coffee, this ain't a sign of weakness, this total dominance with arrogance and attitude. Just look at two of their wimps, McCain and Lindsey Graham - they understand the reality and exude the arrogance of power and understand they are on the dominating team.

The American people don't have a chance until they understand the reality of what the score really is!