Comment: Parties don't work for liberty

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Parties don't work for liberty

People think we can transform the R & D parties into liberty seekers.

But that is not why they exist.

They exist to take money from the people and funnel it to special interests. In turn, those special interests pay the party.

You might as well go into a local tavern and ask them if you could help them eliminate alcohol. Or go to a church and try to transform them to atheism.

The parties will tell all of us at the lower levels they welcome us, as long as we are no real threat to big money interests.

If we do pose some threat to big money, they will pull out the tricks they did last election. And the media is part of big money, which works with the parties.

As others said, the GOP would rather a big government democrat win, than a liberty GOP candidate. One party of big money.

Things will change only when enough people are educated about the scam, and refuse to take the welfare that big money feeds off. And stop joining the military to fight bogus wars, and stop taking government student loans and government healthcare, and start to demand sound money, etc, etc.

This won't happen any time soon, so there will have to be a collapse to have any significant change. Even then the sheeple will blame the collapse on insufficient government involvement, and will give up even more freedom.

The whole election process is just a sideshow to the scam.