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Until last year..

I come from above the mason dixon line. Im sure MS is worse than AL is... although the experience I had in Birmingham made me not want to visit again.

It was beyond who I associated with. (I dont hang out with bigots and would not)I had to order food, buy a car and work. Maybe Im just sensitive. The first time I heard a white person tell a black person to 'Get outta this bar n*gger.' and it was as normal as apple pie to everyone there but me. I was floored.. never witnessed anything like it before. A bar in Biloxi, just outside Keesler AFB. Or another story of a guy from Kiln, MS that I bought my car from. Seemed like a nice guy until he told me the story of burning someones house down simply because they were not white. Or my bestfriend who worked as a granite countertop installer knocking on a door to do an install with his black co-worker and having a white man open the door with a gun and telling the black guy 'Get off my land n*gger.' I could go on.. but you get the gist of it.

Im not trying to group everyone together either. I just saw it recurring for the 7 years I was there. There are some awesome people in the south. I love the food, accents, music... but the underbelly of nastiness that I encountered ensured I won't be living in MS again.

I love NOLA and the AL coast though! Really pretty beaches.

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