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I still don't see any

I still don't see any information to justify the claims or opinions.

I agree with some of the opinion, but when you move to actual claims,

It is no long just verbal opposition, the talk has turned into action, first that action was simply to work around the USD/USTB system, now however, it appears that there is an all out push to replace the USD/USTB.

this requires evidence to substantiate it. I don't follow the financial markets as closely as I used to, but maybe you can link to reliable sources demonstrating this sea change.

There are therefore, a host of black swan events that now threaten not only the banking system

By definition black swan events are unpredictable, like the discovery that black swans existed. A black swan is something that has never been observed before, and so is discounted as a possibility by false reasoning, and causes surprise when it happens. In Taleb's use of the term it also takes on the connotation of something that has major ripple effects through interconnected systems. So I don't know what you mean predicting without identifying such events.

Given the evidence, it appears that Russia and China, as well as other nations, maybe seeking a currency reset that is based on gold.

What evidence? Given the length of your article, it would have been good to refer to some of the evidence.