Comment: Oh, I will definitely chime in

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Oh, I will definitely chime in

here! There are few people I loathe, but Santorum is one of them! He actually makes my skin crawl!

Where to begin?

He says there's a limit to freedom on the Internet:

How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans:

Santorum honored Sandusky for his 'work with children' AFTER Sandusky had been accused of child molesting:

MUST READ: Thorough list of how he voted on many many issues:
What a Big Government Conservative Looks Like:

And many of "We Pennsylvanians" will never forget the cyber school scandal--Heck, it's even been posited that although he was a Senator from Pennsylvania, he actually NEVER lived here!! The scandal involved living in Virginia but schooling his children on the Pennsylvania taxpayers' dime--he never paid a penny back:

This one shouldn't matter, but since I loathe him, I'll include it anyway (Hey, at least I'm being honest here--LOL):
Italian Magazine Discovers Santorum's Distant Relatives are Red Commies

Edited from 11/9/13 on 7/24/14:

Also, Santorum's wife had a medically induced abortion, but he doesn't want anybody else to be able to have that choice AND his wife lived out of wedlock with a much-older abortion provider, who also was the doctor who delivered her when she was born in 1960:

Santorum: Our abortion was different

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