Comment: Why not?

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Why not?

Because elections are a con, the voting is rigged, no one not controlled by the legalized mafia who call themselves "government" will ever "win". People, PLEASE get that through your heads. If you learned NOTHING else from the last GOP primary, THAT much was painfully obvious.

We are at the point where intelligent people are being goaded to violence so they can attack complete demographics and even geographic areas.

Women are a problem. Most love the idea of big daddy state because they are clueless and fearful and because of gov't skooling and the media actually believe politicians and thugs protect them. That is why little boys are being feminized in the skools, to make them more compliant and submissive.

I know NO real person, male or female, who thinks the Kenyan is good looking. That is a media "created reality". No matter how many times they call him a "chocolate hottie", he still looks like an effeminate nerd.