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I speak from experience, you speak from fantasy

so you don;t think they substitute out recalcitrant jurors? Where have you been? Most proponents of jury nullification are well aware of this problem. Again, I was describing the way things are.

We both agree that jury nullification is a good thing and it should be allowed. Try to pull it off in a courtroom today, though, and let me know what happens. I suspect you'd be back here with one of your stories about how you "won" even though you were convicted, because they "changed the rules on you" after you "destroyed their logic." Phreedom doesn't just fail online - no - he brings it into real life too!

You are being entirely nonresponsive by saying you don't want things to be that way, or saying "the people have the power to change it". That's great, but right now, things are the way they are. You're not even disagreeing with me, you're just theorizing about the way you'd like things to be. Nothing wrong with that but at some point if you are charged with an offense, you have to consider the way things are at that time. In that circumstance, 10 years in the future doesn't do you any good.

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