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Animals engage

in all manner of bizarre behaviors when placed in certain conditions (I recommended Temple Grandin's books, esp. "Animals in Translation"). This behavior is the result of the deliberate de-civilizing of the population through the "Great Society" programs, which, in typical gov't fashion, created the OPPOSITE of what they proclaimed was their purpose. Families were destroyed, fatherhood demonized and replaced with gov't checks, irresponsible and recreational sexual behavior mainstreamed, and pecking order herds and gangs rose to replace the family. These kids see nothing wrong with and laugh about killing and robbing people because they do not believe in right and wrong and they are unthinking and without empathy or compassion. They can do it so they do. Now don't go laying a bunch of your religious Christian morality on these animals, they don't believe in your ridiculous spaghetti monster. Why should they?