Comment: The way things "are"

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The way things "are"

That is the whole point. The way things are as we stand is that those criminal usurpers are committing numerous crimes on a daily basis. Their criminal activity means opportunity for juries to remove the criminals by simply doing their job.

Yes "they" remove "recalcitrant" jurors if that your choice of terms. The infamous "they" are the criminals operating in broad daylight. If they know the people have finally honed in on "them" and are beginning the resolved hunt for proper justice against "them" then the laws of nature dictate that they will either modify their operation or be caught, exposed and thrown in prison. The thing is that most people at this point have not realized that these individuals are criminals who need to go to prison. As things get worse eventually people will realize this fact. As soon as this realization occurs on a large scale is the moment that things will begin to change. The really arrogant power hungry bastards are the one's who will fall the hardest because in their fury at the loss of "power" they will reveal their true intentions to simply be a criminal control freak tyrant.

We the People can begin to form this reality whenever we choose but we must realize the real scope of "power". Government power is an attractor for criminal tyrants and if we the people get smart we can utilize a solid foundation in law and the limited capacity of the office to attract the criminals right where we want them. In fact they are already there and they can't hide anymore. All we need to do is uphold the law and they are toast. Imagine the 10 million strong R3VOLutionaries from the Ron Paul phenomena focusing their attention on working together on bringing these criminals to justice beyond what they have ever done with politics. The criminals would be running for the hills. Sure they might puff their chest up and huff and puff until they find out what it means to have 10s of millions of people asymmetrically hunting you as an outlaw criminal.

So yes I am talking about reality in its full scope. Our lawful power and duty to bring criminals to justice, the opportunities for easily identifying the power hungry criminals claiming to be "courts" and utilizing the lawful process of accusation to not only bring justice but also to expose those who obstruct justice so that "they" can also be targeted for justice. The whole point as examining what needs to be done IS from observing the current reality of criminal usurpers trying to obtain and maintain unlawful power.

We are both right.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...