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Comment: Victory is Always the Military’s Objective

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Victory is Always the Military’s Objective

A soldier’s primary purpose in a theater of combat is to kill or capture a combatant. You cannot lead men into war without the promise of victory because to win is the primary motivator for risking one’s life. The military lies to its brainwashed rank and file about why they fight because they know no rational person would give up their life so some private company could profit from his/her death.

American foreign policy is a well dressed brigand who carries a satchel of money, a pompous attitude and a cudgel wherever it travels. It does not employ intelligent discourse founded upon mutual cooperation with international counterparts but instead resorts to the machinations of barbarous tort to bribe, bully and bomb to get what it wants. It is nothing more than a dangerous animal disguised as a statesman.

The U.S. armed forces is the henchman called upon to settle disputes. The American people believe their military exists solely for the defense of the nation; that's why they're called heroes and defenders of freedom and democracy. The reality now is they are mercenary killers hired for the furtherance of multinational corporate profits.

UNOCAL, an American oil company (now a subsidiary of Chevron) was a major player in the development of the TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) pipeline. UNOCAL's executives tried to negotiate with the Taliban (see: ) but the deal fell through due to competition from Bridas, an Argentinean company. Ultimately it was the failure of the Bush administration to understand the Taliban's position and work towards an agreement (see: ). So what does Bush and the oil oligarchy do when they didn't get what they wanted? They whip out the pain stick and invade Afghanistan on the false pretense that it was to capture Bin Laden.

But they failed to capture Bin Laden, they failed to stabilize the country so the TAPI pipeline could proceed with a measure of security and the Taliban are now poised to retake Afghanistan after more than ten years of fighting and billions of taxpayer money wasted. Two thousand, two hundred, ninety brave American soldiers and Marines have perished so far, with over seventeen thousand wounded. The innocent civilian deaths and maimed are the greatest tragedy of this needless conflict.

Is the war worth those dead and wounded men and for those who are awaiting death since the fight continues? Only a mind consumed by insanity would try and justify the horror of state sanctioned murder and destruction.