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Comment: Have you learned nothing in 5 years?

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Have you learned nothing in 5 years?

I guess it takes some people longer than others to figure things out. I'm glad you have finally come around. Ask yourself, why are all the parties at the top so freaking corrupt? Because the fricking parties grassroots are corrupt. They push the corruption to the top.

I got involved at the grassroot level of the GOP and found major corruption. It disgusted me. I quit and I will never vote again until we take care of the low level corruption. The "good old boys" club in your local areas. You got to go stomp it out at your city counsel, state and then the Feds.

Become involved at the town/city level, then state level. Push them out from there and then we'll have a chance for a decent Federal government.

My local government in the city, county and state level are unbelievably corrupt. The politicians are in the pockets of the judges and lawyers and vice versa. Many police and sheriffs are the same way.

There are grassroots here trying to get into those positions to root out the evil, but its not easy.

The powers that be won't let Rand or Ventura win. People have to wake up in your areas to make it work. You have to beat the drums to wake them up. Until that happens, it will always be the R's against the D's.

As things become worse, people start paying attention and questioning what the hell is going on. That's when you can come in and offer solutions.

As long as the majority can still get pizza, beer and football tickets at reasonable prices, they don't give a crap about what is actually transpiring. They like the TSA feeling them up at the football games and even at the horse racetracks.

I've been done with the whole thing since Dr. Paul lost the first time. 2008.