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That is a Good Start

Now we need it broken down into 3 major categories"

A) Diagnosis Cost:

B) Testing Cost:

C) Treatment Costs:


So choosing your doctor is your "Diagnosis Cost".

Example, you have dull pain for 5 hours in lower right side, and now the pain is getting sharper, you're hot, you are worried, the pain is just a few inches to the right of your bellybutton. So you choose a doctor for diagnosis. Now he recommends a list of tests tests: blood drown, urine, etc.

So you choose your TESTING COSTS:
(You can have the doctor request the testing via his favorite suppliers or you can shop around on your own. Your choice.)

The diagnosis is -- Appendicitis.

Now you shop around who specializes in doing that operation.
(Again, you can have doctor recommend someone, or you can shop around. Your choice.)

** The common argument I hear from the Left is "Who has time to shop around??? Crazy libertarians!" And my reply is this:

--Have you broken your arm lately? If you have, perhaps broke it on a weekend, and you went to the all purpose emergency room. That took several hours right there, waiting, waiting, waiting. Your buddy COULD have shopped for a specialist in broken arms and legs on his cell phone, yet no such thing exists, so you waited at the emergency room, the only thing open on the weekend. Then you wait for the "x-rays to come back". Then you wait for them to "set your arm back". Then you are given instructions to get your cast done at another place, wrapped up and sent home with a prescription for pain. You wait for that prescription to be filled. Wait. Monday comes and they can get you in Wed. So keep your arm wrapped up. That is the system today.

The system COULD what I call, "Free Market Pricing Different". Imagine, you are playing basketball on the weekend, you fall, you break your arm. You're in pain. Your buddies use their cell phone and search "broken arm specialists". They find a dozen in the city and many are open on Saturday & Sunday. They see right there on the website where the nearest ones are. Two are very close. The both post prices: They look through itemized list: Broken arm, no skin break, between elbow and wrist (most common), - includes all x-rays, setting and casting. In and out in 3 hours with 1 weeks worth of pain medication --$2,215.00. Two break points, $2,515.00. Wrist and arm break, $3,115.00. Arm and Elbow breaks, $3,216.00. and so it goes. By the time your buddies have you into the car he has read the second Bone specialist and seen their listed prices. Nothing much different with their pricing, prices are very close, except they add "24 month payment plans at 12% interest available to everyone." He hits map to find the directions. He tells your buddies where to take you. You are in and out inside of 2 hours, home, with pain meds, with a cast on, and with a $110 dollar payment. Bad day? Sure, but it could be worse, you could be still waiting at the "emergency room" and waiting to get your pain meds at the pharmacy and waiting to get your cast on Wednesday.

**As many people have observed, the cosmetic industry, with breast and nose surgeries and more, ALL POST their prices and the level of service you shall receive. All of them give a remarkable level of service, despite the fact that no two surgeries are exactly the same.

***As many people have experienced in any emergency room - The emergency room experience, the service sucks, it takes LOTS of time, and worse, the Unknown bill arrives 3-4 weeks later. Average cost? $8,456 for a broken arm.

How do I know all this? I know it personally because it happened to my own son. As we sat in the "emergency waiting area" (oxymoron?), I could not help but feel horribly frustrated that I could not shop for better service. I could not help wonder if another emergency room was better staffed and just plain better. I could not help wonder if this emergency room was busy saving people with bullet wounds in the back while another emergency room 10 miles away had yawning medical team saying "this day is so slow".

Think about what Medical Market Prices could do... and spread the word.


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