Comment: I'm torn about Adam, really.

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I'm torn about Adam, really.

I like his sincerity, I admire his youthful vigor and zeal, I honor his standing up and refusing to be sat down.


I don't think he makes a difference in the long term, so I fear for him.

I know I'm jaded, I'm an optimistic pessimist: the glass is half full, and evaporating fast.
I'm also a scholar of biblical prophecy, and America, who is in scripture ( Revelation 13:11-18 ) does not seem to recover either by revolution or other means from being who she is now " an image of the first beast " who speaks like a " dragon ".
Today, here is another thread " American values around the world " international treaty " is a example of how America is being that " image of the first beast, to make the whole world worship the first beast " . Research Leo X, a pope, his bull, Rarum Novarum, in this papal bull Leo pens a list of human rights, one of these is the very " right " discussed in this other thread. We can clearly then see the image acting as the first does.
Research " order of the Bath ", Becketts murder, KingJohns concessions to pope Innocent and how America has always been a possession of the Vatican by legal right. Research how every president and secretary of state hold a knighthood from the king/ Queen of England in this Order of the Bath. Is not holding a heraldic title against the express will of the constitution ?
Research John Jays and Franklins treaties with King George, see them in the light of King Johns concession to Innocent. The apparent victory in the revolution was given to prevent a future revolution by deception, we are still under fielty to England and both England and America to Rome.

I feel for Adam, I know and agree with how he feels: but he does not know what I know, and you can know, and thusly he acts in the flesh in a manner doomed to fail.

God bless
Stēkō Parrēsia Iesōus

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington