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Very true!!!!!!!!!!!

What you said here is what I am talking about and it’s a great point Republicae!

That tends to be the pattern, not of dominance, but of a waning power gasping for any straw that it can hold to maintain its power and authority. Everything has consequences, the consequences of the actions of this rogue government and its patrons will find themselves painted into a corner.

Especially the monetization of the massive budget deficits, these actions are for the government sake only….not the people, country or economy. This is why I have always said this is the eventuality of the inflationist and not a conspiracy. When TSHF the American people will clamor for something ……anything so they can get back to Dancing with the Stars, they will give up anything….Hell everything…..Liberty.

And this is when it gets scary.

No one can rule when no one obeys...and I see a massive degree of non-compliance already occurring, and an even greater degree of discussion about non-compliance.

As they try and maintain their control....Marshall Law and the American people will allow the last of their Liberty to disappear just like they did under Homeland Security after 911.