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your remedy is with the legislative branch

It's a little silly to call everyone in the judicial branch that is doing their jobs "criminals." The problem is that there are too many bad laws and not enough good ones to keep them in check. I understand the argument that a lot of the laws are unconstitutional - and I agree with that. Problem is, the Supremes don't. Law after unconstitutional law gets a pass by them. Perhaps if there were a law that protected a judge from being over turned if he ruled based on original intent of hte constitution, but then again, isn't that giving too much discretion?

At the root of the problem is that we have the government that most Americans deserve. You're right, in theory, if enough people show up for jury duty and get selected who believe in the Constitution and nullification, it could happen. What are the odds of that? Do you know anyone who succeeded because of jury nullification? I don't.

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