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I just added a note about Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov and the Frolov breathing device. I still have some research to do, but I'll probably create a separate section for this when I'm finished.

Under The Buteyko Breathing Method & Tissue Oxygenation:

Note: IV I became aware of the Frolov Breathing Device while researching the Buteyko Method. It's inventor, Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov observed the benefits of the Buteyko Method in Russia and designed the Frolov breathing device, based on his understanding of the Bohr Effect, so people who didn't live near a Buteyko practitioner could still benefit. This device could significantly speed up the benefits derived from Buteyko breathing. Apparently, it helps people learn diaphragmatic breathing more easily, which is often a difficult hurdle to overcome for people first learning the Buteyko Method. Also, the Frolov Device is beneficial for mouth breathers who have a hard time transitioning to nose breathing in the initial stages of the learning the Buteyko method. It will hasten the accumulation of CO2 in the body, thus helping to open up the airways.