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Reconciled In Iraq - Brian D. Jopp

Reconciled in Iraq details a soldier's journey to truth and resolution while deployed to Mosul during the Iraq war. It is the middle of the war in the ancient city of Nineveh when Brian Jopp begins to question his whole life, belief systems, God, his government leaders, and even humanity itself. As he tries to maintain sanity in the nucleus of an insane world, he begins to realize the magnitude of his own naivety and gullibility. Innocent people die without explanation. The face of a child is torn apart by shrapnel. Jopp finds himself staring blankly through human atrocities and experiencing varying emotions, all of which are at odds with reality. In those darkest of times, Jopp begins to discover and embrace his life purpose: to improve humanity by encouraging all people, regardless of race or religion, to find their own truth. By sharing his insight and understanding of human beings, life, the unknown, fate, destiny, and bliss in this introspective pilgrimage, Jopp stimulates independent thinking and free will.

Dedicated, "In memory of my brother, Kevin."

Kevin was an Army buddy of mine... Light Fighter! - JC444

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