Comment: Wisconsin food stamps dropped from $133 to $120 per month

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Wisconsin food stamps dropped from $133 to $120 per month

it was due to the expiration of a temporary expansion that was part of the ARRA of 2009. Why would they time the expiration to happen in November - right after a new fiscal year begins, in the cold season when gardening isn't an option anymore for most people, etc. I didn't hear anyone even talking about expanding the program, or any of the other temporary stimuli of the $831 ARRA direct spending programs.

Point being - it's suspicious. The decline in benefits affects not only the poor people but JP Morgan too, as they manage the program for the government, so they will lose some commission $ as well from this...

Another friend informs me theirs also dropped 10% from $209 to $189. This conflicts with the 5.4% as reported here

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