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I can only agree with some of what you said. I believe in

individualism, and part of that is judging people *as* individuals. I'm in agreement with Ron Paul about that - whether for him it's a political ideal, religious/personal belief, or both (for me it's both); it's something Martin Luther King, Jr. also believed.

While certain generalizations about "groups" can be made - indeed, it's what marketing, for one, is based on, e.g., how they know whom to direct advertising to in terms of age, income, education, and other demographics, including race and ethnicity, that is, FACTS about a higher-than-average incidence of a particular behavior (including but not limited to product usage) - that's different than holding individuals accountable for the behavior of some others within the same group, others over which they have no control, whatever percentage those others might represent.

I considered the "Hero" and "Zero" juxtaposition to be mocking. Maybe in this case the police were guilty of incompetence (if so, I'm not aware of it) or maybe despite doing all they felt they could within the law and their power they still failed to find the girl. It's not in my nature to mock, regardless; but as to any expressed or implied finding of fault, I wouldn't be so quick to judge - and maybe even less so given that, bottom line, the girl's life was saved and her tormentor's ended.

It's clear that I don't feel the same as you about there being no need for a police force. I'm not anti-government. I'm anti-centralized government. I believe a police force is necessary, and I believe it should operate on a local level - not unlike a jury, a force of one's peers.

I do also believe, though, that police need to be held accountable when guilty of the same infringements of rights they are granted the power to protect; in fact, because of the power they wield, they need to be held to a higher standard. The horrible incidents reported this past week involving police brutality - re the nurse, the Downs syndrome boy, the cavity searches - were hard to stomach. There needs to be investigations in such matters; in at least one case it also involved a derelict judge. Cases have been brought against the police and deservedly so.

One of the problems I have with today's police force... or local environmental committee, for that matter!... is what is seeping down from above when there shouldn't be any hierarchy or such influence. Where the police are concerned, I'm sure a lot stems from 9-11 and the "war on terror." It's bad. The police are government servants of the people within their jurisdiction, not servants of one or another Washington acronym. I think it's an issue that citizens need to get resolved.

In any event, if your real beef with police stems from a political belief, namely, that a police force is a statist organization and all such "statist" organizations are inherently evil, I guess we'll always view things through a different lens.

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