Comment: First. Abortion is

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First. Abortion is

First. Abortion is murder
Second. Who cares about his social views when the United States is burning to the ground?

Based on your assessment, people voted for Sarvis because of his liberal views. Congratulations. You now have a Obama Jr governing your state. And what would have been a swing state and up for grabs will most likely pave the way for a win for Hitlary in 2016. But who cares as long as you can still kill the unborn and take it up the bung.

But you are missing the point. He likely would not have even been on the ballot if it weren't for the healthy donation of the democratic bundler which was an obvious plot to siphon votes to secure a democratic victory. Sarvis and all his supporters were used as a political tool.

Cuciinelli was not perfect but he would have been a good ally for us. He was far more excepting of libertarian leaning views then McObama.

You have to play the game to win folks.