Comment: Michael Pearson, The sealed Train

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Michael Pearson, The sealed Train

From the history of the Bolshevik revolution consistently is left out the involvement of the German High Command:

Revolution is an expensive proposition

an analysis, dated February 4, 1918, among the German documents of Foreign Office expenditure overseas for propaganda and special purposes. This gives an allocation to Russia of 40,580,997 marks, of which by January 31, 1918, a sum of 26,566,122 marks had been spent. From other documents, indicating expenditure after the Bolshevik seizure of power, it is clear that 11,500,000 marks were spent before November.

The High Command not only gave a large amount of money (a very long line of credit), it also gave uniformed German army officers to conduct this revolution......

Where did the idea of Lenin-ism come from ?
Lenin got on that train a Marx-ist, he got off that train a Lenin-ist......

In Berlin someone whispered in his ear a new concept......

The most intriguing question of all centers on the result of any discussion that may have occurred, for this places it in a context of immense historical importance : Was information obtained at a secret meeting the reason that Lenin changed his mind on the strategy of the revolution ?

"For although the events of that night in Berlin can only be the object of speculation, there is no doubt whatever that on the journey from Zürich to Petersburg, Lenin altered his whole tactical plan. The scheme he was to outline within hours of arriving in the Russian capital was quite different from that he described at lunch at the Zahringerhof in Zürich just before boarding the train to Gottmadingen and which he had previously detailed in his long policy letters."