Comment: I too actually concur with mostly what you wrote;

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I too actually concur with mostly what you wrote;

true, we fundamentally, philosophically have a different view of police force.

But, history is on my side: police has NEVER been about 'keeping the peace.' Talk about propaganda.

They are what gives statists and monarchies alike, power. It's where their powerless verbal and written semantics alchemy's "rubber meets the road," in the physical plane.

Police are political police, always has been, always will be.

You're never going to resolve this issue, especially with a group that acts like collectivists who fundamentally believe they are the de facto "warrior class," worse, the 'legal' structure as it exists ALWAYS bolster this statist view.

If interested, further details on why I personally believe the fundamental notion of govt "police force" itself should be abolished once and for all (eventually), starting with 'beat cops'/aka. occupying standing army (they wear BDUs and abide by military hierarchy and rank. They ARE the military, especially now that they're all federalized anyway; you're not gonna reverse tyrants: no tyrants in history of humans have ever stopped themselves, from themselves), click here:

'Reversing'/stripping them of powers, is not a feasibility, at least not until a large, massive critical mass of Americans simply have some unlikely overnight mass-catharses and decide that they will absolutely not stand for abuses/assault/beat-downs/kidnap/torture/rape/murder by them. Such awakening would need to happen from the citizenry, politicians, policy writers, rank & file and the command, as well.

So, until all that happens, reversing this current tyrannical statist trajectory is not a realistic reality, at least, there is NO chance in hell that they themselves will do it, voluntarily. It's like try telling the cartels to voluntarily give up their territory, let alone their business. And, they are a cartel: monopoly in initiation of force.

But the coming inevitable currency collapse, which is wholly numerically, mathematically impossible to stave off (at least under the current financial structure)? The 'police force' will be de facto abolished, anyway.

Now, of course, if after the ashes of the currency collapse, the sheeple still maintain the same mindset as before the collapse, and want to be ruled and lorded over, again? Of course, they will come back, exactly as it stands today: further proving my point.

As Ernie Hancock says: "The revolution is between the ears!"

Until the free humanity realize that they themselves are solely responsible for their security and should be able to have choices in commercial security & investigative services of their own, they will always feel the 'need' to be lorded over by a wholly separate caste of 'professionals,' IMHO.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul