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The Ron Paul delegtates are Republicans like me. It appears most of us remained in the GOP the ones who left made a big splash exit for their reasons.

Have you been to a meeting of either party or are your opinons based on second hand information from any source? I don't think you have ever been to a meeting.

I understand everything you say is your excuse to not actually do something besides find your note in the choir (and insult me by insinuating that I am a shill). I'm not knowcking you. Do what you want. But you should know, as a Ron Paul Republican, which is someone who committed more than a supporter because I am far beyond supporter, I changed my life, joined the GOP, my choice, no blame, just "Thanks" to Ron Paul for the invitation, and I think you make posts like someone who has never been to a GOP committee meeting.

I'm sure all those who have never been to GOP committee meetings will completely understand you, because they, like you, need their excuses to not step up to the party and make it a liberty party for this generation.