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If you need actual paper

If you need actual paper articles as well, just let me know.

Additionally the one night of breaking some windows of some business owner's (of the jewish faith) was also a result of a man of the jewish faith murdering a friendly leader.

Additionally, since the Auschwitz museum curator(s) (who are of the jewish faith) have lowered the number of deaths at Auschwitz by millions on the plague at the museum's entrance, then it's logical that the figure of 6 million dead people of the jewish faith is grossly inaccurate.

Though the evil and wicked jewish faith radical Bolshevik Lev Bronstein (aka Trotsky)and his friends slaughtered about 4 million Christians between about 1917 and 24. (Is Hollywood making that movie soon?)

Additionally, the absurd stories (that people of the jewish faith have jammed down the throats of Americans for decades) that German soldiers made 'lamp shades', 'soap', 'shrunken heads', etc., etc. of jewish workers in camps....was proven to be an utter complete falsehood. (eg. NEVER HAPPENED)

Why did people of the jewish faith spread these blatant lies for decades and decades? Maybe, like Obama, they 'misspoke' or 'compressed the truth'.

Additionally, Spielberg's foundation interviewed many people of the jewish faith who were deemed by Germans as 'enemies of the state'. The people of the jewish faith spoke of the soccer matches they participated in while a captive worker. Some of the jewish faith interviewees recounted their putting on theater plays, etc., etc....., and of the 1,000's of babies born in the camp. Apparently, lots of jewish couples having lots of sex.

May peace always be your journey