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WORD. When even the inklings of round-ups appear,

preemptive strikes against terrorist government officials, criminal "law enforcement" personnel, and other domestic terrorists involved in this process should be carried out by individuals. It is the patriotic duty of Americans to kill these domestic terrorists, no matter what disguises of authority they may be hiding behind.

Who knows? If enough leaders, mid management, and other high value targets get whacked, perhaps it will discourage participation, and the whole effort will fail. (We won't do well trying to fight whole domestic terrorist SWAT teams, riot brigades, or armies, will we?)

Unless hackers / infiltrators / whistleblowers make public the names and addresses of domestic terrorist thug grunts, the locations of their barracks and staging areas out in the field, etc. When the stormtroopers start waking up dead in their homes, lose a family member or two (terrorist support personnel) or get hit hard while in concentration, it would be ideal as a deterrent.

There may be too much surveillance for group organization to be effective, I fear, hence the call to individuals.

What would the Founders do?