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A constitutional amendment won't happen. Neither will the elimination of a trial by jury despite the wet dreams of the bipartisan totalitarians in DC and loud mouthed academicians in their Universites. I agree with everything else 100%. is probably in the top 3 most important organizations in this country. They are doing the most and the best work in educating people about the most important civic act they can and SHOULD engage in with childish glee.

But you need to understand how to navigate the system. This means acquainting yourself with 'voir dire' aka jury selection. It's how the state purges juries of people who think for themselves. You have obligations under such circumstances and should you be called upon to participate in a Jury, there are a list of things you need to take into consideration beforehand to protect yourself so that you may protect others.

Start at my old post, here:

But most importantly, help FIJA out. It's a hand full of people working damn hard on a shoe string budget to make this information available and to assist activists and citizens alike.