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Comment: By whose authority?

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By whose authority?

It may be a good idea to consider the possibility that your mind has at least one lie working as if the lie is true: in your own mind.

I'm not claiming that it is.

I am offering a competitive response to your competitive offer of words (political or psychological power as opposed to economic or physical power).

A full reading of the following may help:

Peruse forensic information > speed read soundbites

I expect no one to read it, I did.

Once reading that you can then become familiar with the concept of government by the consent of the governed or Voluntary Association, whereby the practice of government by the consent of the government has already been in practice since (perhaps) before the preservation of recorded human history, including the form knowable as Trial by Jury, which is based upon sortition, or by "random lot," which means that no "side" involved in a controversy is afforded the opportunity/privilege/power to hand pick (cherry pick), or stack, the jury.

If you prefer to jump head first into a current nation wide effort to utilize common law juries in defense of Liberty, then you can set aside the offer to read the vital information linked and you can go here:

In Liberty you are no less powerful legally than any other human being NOT currently perpetrating crimes upon the innocent, AND excluding rocks, vegetables, chairs, wild animals, mad dogs, infants, insane people, and other things, or living beings not ready for responsibilities associated with accurate human moral accountability.

Step into the pool and volunteer to be a jurist at your leisure, at your own cost.

How is that for a start at a competitive response to your generous offer of words?