Comment: Fellow commentors, answer me these:

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Fellow commentors, answer me these:

Does the demand for immediate and free citizenship by many illegal immigrants from down south (through often vociferous and angry protests) not embody the ultimate in entitlement mentality?

Do you advocate we, per policy, reward people for breaking the law and short-circuiting the Constitutional and civic education required for legal immigration? How will this benefit society at large? Will these folks constitute a more responsible citizenry per issues of Liberty, knowledge of and respect for libertarian values, and the reinstatement of our now nearly defunct Constitutional Republic?

Amnesty issue: To grant amnesty is to show and exercise gross favoritism (the illegal immigrant population being overwhelmingly dominated by folks from south of the border, as we know), as one group receives free citizenship simply due to its geographical advantage over other groups--the people of which are overwhelmingly, by comparison, going through the hoops of the legal pathway. Is this just, fair, or equitable? [Just because immigration policy in this country has almost always been unfair doesn't mean it should continue to be so. Must inequity be further enshrined?]

[NOTE: I would hope this statement would not be necessary here, but sadly it is: I am neither xenophobic nor prejudiced (insofar as I am consciously aware). I have friends from all over the world--including Mexico and Guatemala--whom I love. Labeling those of us against unchecked immigration as "xenophobic", "prejudiced", etc. is as bullshit, lazy, and/or politically unscrupulously manipulative an accusation as is saying people against Obamacare are racist. (And please forgive my scratchiness here, if this doesn't apply to you.)]

What would the Founders do?