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In regard to your second

In regard to your second paragraph, it's more that I don't want to see people punished for breaking the immigration law, just like I don't want to see people punished for breaking drug laws.

And since people tend to vote irrationally and not in their own self interest (which is rational behavior, because an individual vote is essentially meaningless and will have no effect on anybody's life), I don't think immigrants are any more likely to be anti-liberty than anyone else in this country. If anything, they would be opposed to business regulations that help create monopolies for major companies, because these things hurt their own ability to work.

In reply to the equity issue, even in terms of legal immigration, we get a lot of immigrants from South of the border. This makes sense because it is less costly to the immigrant. I don't see this as inequity unless the government puts up higher burdens for other types of immigrants. If the government did try to discriminate against non-Mexicans, such as by requiring different papers for non-Mexicans, I would be opposed to that. But the simple fact that most immigrants are from the Americas is itself not a cause of concern.