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Comment: What Libertarians Has HE Been Talking To?

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What Libertarians Has HE Been Talking To?

Anyone who has ever discussed immigration with libertarians knows that they are as divided on that issue as they are on the death penalty, abortion, and war.

The ones who see illegal immigration as a property rights violation oppose open borders. The arguments go on from there. The whole issue is complex.

With abortion, it depends on when they think life (and rights) begin, then goes to who is primarily responsible for that life (when do you turn your child's life over to the state?). With war, who started it? Is it self-defense? With the death penalty, why would you trust the state to get it right?

Immigration is one of those issues on which libertarians are not of one mind (duh). Some libertarians are really Americans who think their rights come from the Constitution, and they haven't realized that their rights are the same as the rights of the people in other countries.

In short, I couldn't get past the statement, "The libertarian refrain goes something like this..." He doesn't know what he's talking about.

What do you think?