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I respect your faith, but I

I respect your faith, but I disagree with your assessment. I wish that I could look at "A Bible" and know that it is the unadulterated Word Of God, but I cannot. There are too many "Bibles" (look at the discrepancies in translations). None of these scriptures were written in 20th century English so that means that someone has to interpret the meaning. Even the "original" writings are really not original at all. They have been handed down and who knows what has happened during the many years since the words were first written. As a Christian, I've heard so many "teachers" teaching exact OPPOSITE viewpoints from the SAME scriptures that I've determined in my own heart that these "teachers" are mostly the blind leading the blind. I will make my own determination of what I believe God truly is and I BELIEVE that He is above all, full of Mercy and Love for His creation and I truly believe that "He is not willing that any should perish..." and I think that really means that none will perish because the greatest power in the universe DOES NOT WANT THEM TO PERISH. Peace...

Beware the cult of "government"...