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You make two points

You make two points:

1)"A constitutional amendment won't happen"; and

2)"Neither will the elimination of a trial by jury despite the wet dreams of the bipartisan totalitarians in DC and loud mouthed academicians in their Universites."

1- As to your first point, I agree that such an amendment is unlikely, given the difficulty of garnering popular support for such measure and steering through the cumbersome amendment process. However, it is worth considering broadcasting such an amendment or variations of it far and wide as a means of educating and popularising the need for such action. Dismissing the amendment or the amendment process offhand is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

2- It is your second point that I found more problematic. I think you are being dangerously naive in confidently asserting that "trial by jury" is safe from being eliminated, even as you acknowledge the broad opposition from "totalitarians in DC and loud mouthed academicians in their Universities" (including law schools, I assume). A cursory examination of American history shows a steady deterioration in the rights of the jury (especially the issue of "nullification") at the hands of the Court, which largely neuters the power of the jury, so what makes you think that these totalitarians are planning to stop their attacks on our jury system just because you think they won't?

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