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Sorry, young woman, my bad.

I have vivid memories of my days in High School, and a "Christian" (we'll just call him "R.W.") who set me on the path of many years of atheism by his abhorrent (to me) speech where he told me "You'd better get with it or I'll be up at the right hand of God laughing at you burning down there in Hell." After that I went on a one man crusade against anything theistic in general, and Christian in particular. It was only many years later that I realized he was not speaking for God, and that Satan had deceived me into believing that to be a Christian meant to be callous to human suffering.

I still encounter self described Christians on this site who teach that some people are not even allowed to be saved, because they are not of the "elect." I'm sorry, but I do not believe God is an ogre, in spite of all the efforts of Satan to convince people he is. The idea that a person is created expressly so that he may go to Hell forever, without even the chance of choosing salvation, is abhorrent to any thinking person. You can judge me all you want, but you have to think for yourself (for a Christian, under "divine inspiration and guidance"). Simply uncritically believing what others have taught you, because they said "it's the word of God", is an affront to God and reason, in my opinion.