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Ben's great but like most non

Ben's great but like most non Virginians he misreads what happened in the VA governors race.

Unless you live in VA and were bombarded by the nasty negative ads for months from both camps you can't appreciate how disliked both major party candidates were. Sarvis' relatively good showing (and that 7% is a good showing for a Libertarian kinda goes to prove my point) was more a result of the disgust VA voters had for the two major parties than actual support for Sarvis.

Most VA voters stayed home. Turnout was very low. Those who disliked both major party candidates and who think voting is important - some of them voted for Sarvis. But had McAuliffe been less of a sleaze bag than usual for a Dem, and had Cuccinelli been less interested in policing bedroom behavior, most of the Sarvis vote would have gone major party. The one good thing Sarvis' run might do is convince the GOP to back off once and for all from bedroom policing.

My point is that effort and treasure expended on behalf of a Libertarian candidate is not worth the cost, not to me anyway. Everybody knows Libertarians can't win and the major parties make sure that's the case.

The DP exists a because one libertarian did get some airtime. He didn't get that airtime as a Libertarian party candidate though.

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