Comment: 30 years as a Libertarian, now Republican LD Chairman

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30 years as a Libertarian, now Republican LD Chairman

I was registered Libertarian for more than 30 years because I believed that the Libertarians were/are the Republican Party that my father and grandfather believed in. The Party of Coolidge - not the Party of Lincoln - or Nixon or Bush etc... Being a quick study it only took 15 years to realize the Libertarians were indeed that party in principle but were ineffectual. They preferred debating the definition of libertarian utopia to winning elections and halting the descent into distopia. Being a man of principle (i.e. a stubborn SOB) it took me another 15 years to take the advise to register as a commie big government war mongering progressive (read Republican) and work within the Party to bring it back to its roots. My wife and children were shocked but I did it for Dr. Paul.

I am now a Republican Precinct Committeeman and the Party Chairman for my legislative district. I have learned that the bulk of Republicans are like minded. But that the Party has no use for its grass roots. The Constitutional Conservative values are shared by Libertarian and Republican grassroots alike - - but are just as ineffectual in both Parties!

The upper echelons - National, State, and County Party are more concerned with personalities, and personal friendships and allegiances than principle. Because they are just people. And those people value those relationships. Most are not evil. Some are, but most just value relationships over ideology.

The Republicans are just as ineffectual as the Libertarians, but for different reasons. The Libertarian party will eat its young over a intellectual debate over nuances of liberty. The Republican Party will eat its young to defend the good old boys club.

They believe wholeheartedly in the ideas but will sacrifice those ideals for personalities and personal power.

I have talked with many Republican Leaders (now that I'm one of them) who I cannot find a real and sincerely held political or philosophical difference. But they would sacrifice their children to Baal rather than question the opinions of their party leaders or their friends.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are a cult of personality. The libertarians are a cult of theory. They are all ineffectual cults. Both the Republicans and the Libertarians are ineffectual at effecting change to reflect the views of their grass roots members. The democrats have alienated most of their members pandering to extremest elements within their party just as the Republicans have alienated most of their members pandering to the extremists of the democrats. The Banksters have captured both parties, and the leadership of both admit it in private.

All this to say - don't disparage the libertarians. In the grand scheme they are just as screwed up but for a different reason. Democrats burn their children for Moloch, Republicans for Minerva, Libertarians for Sophia.

But all Parties represent the failed aspirations of men and the inability to work outside of personal favors and relationships.

It is time for an effectual 3rd party - which is like saying it is time for another virgin birth and to believe that mankind can overcome its lowest nature by wishful thinking and good feelings - or its time to remember why the second amendment was written into the Constitution.

Parties are bad - OK?