Comment: And to think these people created an empire.

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And to think these people created an empire.

BTW, unless a terrorist planned on using the weapon on the train, he or she could always buy ammunition in the country of arrival,or are those, too, under strict controls in most countries? If so, it should certainly be a simple process to hide a single bullet in the heel of a boot or shoe.

Of course, what the morons completely miss is the simple process of transmitting the 3D printer program to the country of arrival. Virtually all countries will have 3D printers for most materials, including metals very shortly.

It reminds me of that obnoxious psychopath, Senator Charles Schumer (who laughed during the House Waco hearings), when he uses his pat argument, "You think everyone should have a gun. Do you think everyone should have a bazooka?" To which I reply, "Senator, anyone good gunsmith with a length of pipe and a machine shop could build a bazooka; and, if you were not such an ignorant moron, you would know that."