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You couldn't be more

You couldn't be more wrong.... Humans don't have a natural "sin problem".. We learned it all and have never questioned it, till now. I'm really not sure if the Mayans were right, all I know is people are awake at a level I thought I'd never see this past year... At this date 2 years ago I felt like a complete outcast with what I knew about our world and now not at all.

When you look at the FACTS that say that this time in history is the most peaceful time EVER, then you will realize what Adam and others are saying is actually not optimism, but truth. We will get to that Utopian-esque era sooner rather than later. It is going to happen whether tptb want it or not. Every five years crime rate goes down, violence goes down, murder rates are going down. We are outgrowing our bad behavior at an exponential rate. Idk about destiny, but I can read statistics and the curve of violence is heading the right way, down and out, right with the fear mongers and predators.