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Using your logic

Since voting is precious and one of a few ways to express (to whom) my beliefs. Since my belief is that the Rothschild crime family and their perverted followers have taken control of the creation of humanities money and used that power to create money as false debt upon every human.

Since they have unlimited money(creation) and unlimited control(from false debt claims) its clear they own and control the propaganda media, the TWO party system, The polls, and the vote count. Not to mention the government and the judiciary.

So I have to conclude that if I vote my prescious few ways to express myself, it will be perverted to make it appear that my expressions are in favor of the shill puppet candidate that they foist up as a winner or even worse they will align me with there shill puppet looser. Seems like a typical no win paradigm box.

So I will express myself in this way. Enlightened disengagement, leaderless revolution.