Comment: The US only has money for murder, death...

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The US only has money for murder, death...

and destruction.

These "little brown people" mean nothing to them.

There is no aid for anyone now, only for Nazi, jack-booted thugs and bullets against the citizens, aka "terrorists" by the imperialists.

Imperialists = those nameless bureaucrats that write our hidden laws and serve two countries (the least of which is America).

If you don't believe the assertion that its YOU/WE against the new world order imperialists who run this country, stand by. Soon, you/we will be the hopeless, begging in the street, and defending our homes and lives.

Do you think I paint a grim picture? Place yourself in the Philippines right now. New Orleans post Katrina or the NE post Sandy should all be vivid reminders.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Dancing with the Stars had major "drama" last night and a marital tryst with a murder is all the rage on GMA. We live in a sad world.

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