Comment: Quitcher bitchin' and do something about it!

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Quitcher bitchin' and do something about it!

That's essentially what my wife told me to do after listening to another of my diatribes about the Republican Party's faults. So I did do something about it. I'm now a Republican precinct delegate. I was elected in 2012.

As a Libertarian a person is in an environment controlled by the media, the Republicans, and the Democrats, you're essentially a powerless voice in the wilderness with no one really listening. You have been marginalized. The Libertarians have been on the ballot in fifty states three times, in the debates zero times. That's not exactly awe inspiring as Ron Paul been in the debates every time he has run as a Republican.

I voted for Ron Paul on the Libertarian ballot in 1988. Shortly thereafter Mr. Paul realized the futility of seeking higher office as a Libertarian and went back to being an electable House Republican. The public is sold on the idea that as a Libertarian a person cannot get elected, and guess what, they're right.

Ron Paul did more to get the word libertarian on the front page in two presidential primary campaigns as a Republican than the Libertarian Party could do in all the years since 1972, a year in which I wrote in John Hospers and Toni Nathan for Prez and Veep.

Libertarians are those "crackpot spoilers" who stir the pot continually in elections but never get anywhere. Why? Because as a Libertarian a person is more easily marginalized and discredited as a crackpot, while as a Republican whenever you open your mouth, whether it is at a county executive committee meeting, state party committee meeting, or the congressional district committee meeting you get HEARD. They have to listen to another Republican when that person stands up and speaks, and I get to speak a lot.

In the year since the 2012 primary in which I was elected I have been a delegate to the state convention where I was able to cast my one vote against the very liberal incumbent state chair. Out of 2008 votes he won by 80. Only forty-one votes could have put him out of business/office. The grass roots nearly unseated him.

I have been a proxy at the district committee meetings where my comments went into the meeting minutes. Big deal you might say, but where else can I do even this much, at the local Libertarian county meeting? Who's gonna be there to hear me -- ten people -- only on a good day. We have more people at C4L county meetings.

The Republican grass roots, which is heavily libertarian, are doing what the Libertarians should have done beginning in 1972 -- co-opt the Establishment RINO dominated Republican Party. Do your bit as a Libertarian or libertarian get involved in Republican Party politics.
It's the best path until the dollar collapses, and then, who knows we could be a major player in the reconstruction of the American political landscape. GET INVOLVED!

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.