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Thank you

DP community can make and have all the issues it wants with me about my Romney vote, however, I petitoned and qualified, was elected and have a seat by local Republicans who want a Ron Paul Republican on the committee. That Romney vote kept my committee seat, and to me, that is more important that Ron Paul Republicans are in the seats.. so now we are in the seats. Now we have a liberty committee. Now we see the convention floors with Ron Paul books and LIBERTY on everything from posters to tee shirts spanning caucuses an candidates speaches.

While I didn't agree with GJ on much, why would I vote FOR GJ who I didn't agree with, lose my seat and then do what? Wait for the next selection? Come on.

So, I think in the big picture I did the right thing for my county and self, and sorry DP community thinks that even if all 500 Ron Paul national delegates (there are not that many) voted GJ and not Romney.. Ron Paul would have won.