Comment: Not Exactly "chaos"

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Not Exactly "chaos"

If you want to have a true statist versus non-statist you have to force all the do-gooder big spender big gov't into ONE party and give a choice to the true center of both parties to unite. As an alternate delegate to the convention I believe I have a good bead on the problem. If you think the statists are going to win because we are handing the races to them, you don't understand who makes up the establishment republican. They have to see we make a difference.

And don't underestimate the selfishness of the republican neo-con. They would rather be a democrat than be powerless. (Alan Specter) They will go to the party that gives them the most power... remember Perry and Rove were both Democrats.

And wake up... if you think the end of the USA is near then you need to look down and read that caption "objects in mirror are closer than they appear"... you missed it. What exactly is the USA defined as for you that hasn't been swept aside?