Comment: Vehicle miles driven taxes...something we can discuss

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Vehicle miles driven taxes...something we can discuss

4 minutes in...Sarvis claims this is something that can be discussed. He did not say that he fully supported the notion, but said simply that he was willing to discuss...a position that I disagree with when it comes to a mileage tax b/c of all too obvious reasons.

The Libertarian spent less b/c he raised very little...the two party system is going to prevent almost all 3rd party candidates from being able to really make a move into the top two spots in major elections. The curiosity for me is that there are zero spots held in the GA by the LP in many positions at the local level in Va can the LP lay claim to? That is not a shot across the bow, just an honest question. Another question would be, and again it is an honest question, why did Robert not reach out to those in the liberty movement in Va or those working within RPV in 2011 when he ran under the R banner? Was he simply not involved during the 2008 or '12 POTUS elections?

Btw, I disagree with your comment about RP losing his moral authority b/c if you were willing to give another some type of authority over your decisions that is your own failing. I do however agree that a new hole has been dug and will make it more difficult for Rand to be nominated, but in the state of Va there were a lot of hands on that shovel.