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I don't know the motives

But you hit on the question. Is it a for-profit entity that organized where the investors each contributed 2.6% of their mortgage/debt and then received the mortgage once the purchase was complete?

I hate the fact that our country is all about pay offs to the minority voices as those who try to play fair at best get no deals... at worst pay for everyone else.

However, it sure seems like we could get some traction in fairness if the story got out that they used their anti-bank movement as a form of extortion!! All I want is the right of first refusal to the sale price of my mortgage. If we could force the right retroactively then we would be able to compensate the current owner for what they paid. They wouldn't get hurt as we have been paying installments on the original amount. Sure that smarts, but I am willing to draw a line in the sand if it means buying my mortgage for $500.