Comment: which urban area?

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which urban area?

because, depending on that... he might... he just might. i would in some areas that i never go to. but if i did have to go there, i would carry something visible and intimidating as all hell. nothing says "keep away" like a head on a pike though...

as to the surgery, would you let someone die if you couldn't wash your hands but could perform the surgery right then and there? ...

the black tie affair in my underwear? only on a triple dog dare. ;) LOL.

seriously though,
as to what another has said, what is a second amendment right if you are stupid for exercising it? we can argue "time and place", in a public setting, but then if there are times we "aren't allowed"... then we really don't have any "Rights" protected by the constitution.

They could have been walking to the gun range or a gun repair shop, etc... they have every right to travel unmolested when they have not violated the rights of another person. by arresting their movement, they have molested their right travel, robbed them of time and dignity as a free person.

If someone felt that threatened by them, they could have followed behind, at good distance, with a weapon and\or cell phone.

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